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Community Backgrounds

The Community Backgrounds are a set of freely available pictures available for use as desktop backgrounds. theDesk uses these backgrounds when the "Community Backgrounds" setting is used.

All community backgrounds are released under a permissive license, details of which can be viewed by clicking on the image.

Available Backgrounds

Preparing community backgrounds...

Submit Background

Community Backgrounds must meet a few requirements:

  • Submissions must be your own image, or an image from someone whom you have permission to redistribute
  • Backgrounds should be at least 4K, or 1440p at minimum
  • Images containing explicit material will not be accepted
  • Images must be licensed under a permissive license that allows modification (a good example is CC BY-SA)

Once you are satisfied that your submission meets these requirements, you can submit a background by joining the Discord server and posting your submission in the #backgrounds channel. In your submission, note down

  • The license which you are releasing your work under
  • The location of the image that you took (if possible)
  • A name for the image

Thanks in advance for your submissions!