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The future of theShell and theDesk

· 2 min read
Victor Tran

EDIT: April Fools!

Hey folks,

I know most of you have been looking forward to theDesk. I also know most of you have fond memories of theShell. I am happy to announce that I've been able to merge the codebases of theDesk and theShell into one cohesive desktop environment. Say hello to theDell X.

Why have one bar when you can have the power of both the bar from theShell and the bar from theDesk? With both bars at your disposal, you'll never have to move your mouse more than half your screen height vertically to get to any system actions.

If theShell or theDesk crashes, you won't be kicked to the Bonkers screen any more! Simply keep using the half of the desktop that is currently running. Stability is unparalleled when you have theDell X running. It's as if you're using just theDesk or just theShell, except it's random each time!

NOTE: Unfortunately, with the codebase merge, I've had to drop support for non-Dell devices. I'll be working hard to get support back in, so stay tuned for that!

With the announcement of theDell X also comes the announcement of a new Head of Customer Support. Please welcome April Fulle to the theDell X team! Should you have any queries about theDell X, please feel free to direct them to April. She has been trained to respond to customer support queries instantly. The best way to reach April is through the Victor Tran Discord server; you can join that here: Discord

As of right now, theDell X does not have a release date, as we need to iron out some bugs. Stay tuned to find out when theDell X will be released!

We'd be happy to hear what you think!
- Victor and April